My mission is to read, explore, fail, laugh, learn, travel and seize it through words. 



Hi, I'm Linkee

May be it wont work out!! May be seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever!!


The wound is the place where the Light enters you. -Rumi 


Guess I'm just a workaholic!! The truism is I am still broke!!

  • I’m a millennial girl who in Simon Sinek’s words was dealt a bad hand while growing up. I lived in a constant dilemma to choose between me, partial me or the omnipresent people!!
  • With my Grad in Engineering and PG in Nanotechnology, the dilemma never left me. 
  • Young and naive self of mine had fallen prey to the fallacy of “Respect for Engineering” and “Earn lump-some before turning 30”.
  •  Belong to a family where my food and living is supported by my family, lucky to have this opportunity to follow my heart. 
  • Teaching in an IB school for almost 4 years and being amazed by the young minds was best of my experiences. 
  • Realization of grey hair struck and here I am, structuring my thoughts and brain in the form of writing. 
  • Don’t know if this path is leading me towards becoming a writer, but I sure as hell hear my voice loud and clear now. 
  • Destination is still far, dilemma’s still exists, but now- I listen to only myself so the journey has become a sweet, mean teacher. 

Go Ahead!!

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My Inspiration Dose!!


Disputing over astrophysics and formation of life with a former student for almost 2 hours, the conversation promptly diverted. 

Student: Why did you leave the school ma’am?

Me (Flushing): I wish to write for my livelihood. 

Student: Excited takes out a small book from her bag, showcasing her amazing talent of writing quotes. Can you tell me how to become a writer??

Me (Flushing and feeling scared): I don’t know. Not necessary to say, she kept that books of dreams back in that bag but her perplexed face never left my sight. 

Not just tell her, someday I wish to show her how to become one!!