7 Steps to Become an Avid Reader

Countless choices from surfing the internet, watching videos on you-tube, playing games, social gatherings, traveling the world, watching television, movies, series and news, shopping, talking on the phone, exercising, Why should one choose “reading” above all the more entertaining mediums?

So much hassle as it already is- to understand words, comprehend the phrases, imagine and remember so many virtual characters and then the deep hidden meaning/knowledge- the author is trying to embrace. Truly these are the exact reasons to learn and get better at reading.

From Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg to so many leaders who don’t just read, but they read voraciously, it is out there in open that Reading should not be something that is done when you’re bored, or have nothing better to do, rather it needs to be incorporated in your daily regimen.

This doesn’t mean a man is unintelligent or can’t succeed with out reading. With plethora of content in reading which is available at our footstep, there are many unknown doors that open up with this one habit.

In laborious perplex times, when we disappoint ourselves, majority of us want some guidance or someone in accordance to their inclination. Reading books gave me guidance from time to time and their words set those basic foundation in my journey.  Not just that, but so much more. Clarifying that I was not so religious about reading from adolescence, it is a hard grown and nurtured habit with the steps below.

1-Start with the genre you love- This can vary from superhero comics to serious entrepreneurship books. Day 1 and following some days should be all about your partial beloved genre. Even if they aren’t extraordinary, the goal here is to inculcate the habit. So read Jawaharlal Nehru, The Bauls of Bengal, Walt Disney, Sheryl Sandberg, J.K.Rowling  for now and live the amazing fantasy world.

2-Read and Speak- Did you just read this amazing story where the protagonist captured your heart with her/his boldness and worldly view then go and share it with someone. Talking about the knowledge and enlightenment that you obtained is like a self validation which gets you read more. You can also join book clubs online to share your reflection and read others. Ensure to share and savor a win-win situation.

3- Increased Vocabulary- One of the best thing while forming this habit is the growth of your own glossary which if you incorporate in your daily life, becomes a great incentive. So instil maximum number of words you learned today in the most twisted way and appreciate.

4- Set Goals- Set realistic goals to read a few minutes or hours in a way at a particular time or place. Make it a daily ritual not an occasional ceremony. You can read at night before sleeping or during breakfast or lunch as per you convenience. Once you surpass these goals, reward yourself with a stand-up comedy you-tube video.

5- Time-Log and Scribble- Have small goals like 5 chapters in a day or a few 50 pages in a day and scribble all your learning in a notepad. I would suggest ever-note, wunderlist to scribble and revisit the next day or the next month and reflect.

6- Two books at a time-  Reading two or three books at a time has always been a breather for me. One of them is usually light-easy to comprehend and the other one warrants some serious consideration.

7- Embrace the new You-  Regardless of the genre you read, there is always a learning. If you read a fictional book, it lets you take a peek into scenarios you couldn’t otherwise live. When you question the reality around you, you in many ways become sure of your own actuality. Seize it by taking little pride in it.

Happy Reading!!!