Prime Reason of Dissatisfaction

Into the world of Envy zinnia!!

A lover’s note: 

          Make the girl’s faces 

          green with envy and

          I’m gonna give you all the love

          that’s in me-  John Henry


Almost convinced that envy can be adorable in certain situations, I’d still be a fool to deny the bigger picture. And this bigger real picture is not just mild green with envy, its rotted black due to ignorance of Puniness.  

Out of the many attributes,  inherited from their forefathers. The strong appetite of jealously and loathing is solely the result of the lifestyle and assimilated world, we’ve built for ourselves. 


When you are

  • Four years old- Parents start to compare you to your siblings or other children.
  • Nine years old- Teachers compare you to the smarter and the intelligent ones.  
  • Teenage- Love is compared to the idiolistic love shown all over the media. 
  • Youth – Society’s paralegal right to compare you to every other, “my son” and “my daughter”.
  • Aduldhood- Comparison by partners, children, In-laws. That’s a pure ouch! 

And then, the viscous cycle continues.  

    Seth Godin remarks how media is the amplifier of Envy. Like people living in your surroundings weren’t enough, it has brought to you the world full of stature to demean yourself.  

    Being a sole poor victim to this, 

    Wana know all the things I have personally envied?  

    • My Toys, Scores, Phone, Laptop, Clothes, Parents, House, Skin and the list will never end I am sure.  So basically everything!!

    Now if you are going to be all Judgy about it then I’m sorry that I wasn’t a bright spark since birth.   

    Now that I have gained some profound wisdom, I realise the importance of not taking action based on the emotions of Envy.  

    How do you shake it off then??  

    1- Awareness – The beginning of a change starts with an awareness. First and foremost, admit that your envious emotions are making you take some outrageous actions!

    2- Goal Setting- If your goal is to have the same car your neighbour has so you can proudly shove it to him, then your own breeding spree will soon turn into a deadly Raccoon! 

    Set goals as per your needs, not as per the size of the Bentley that not-so-smart acquaintance of yours own. 

    3- Remember the filters– The instagram picture can bring out my eyes and flush my cheeks in no time.  Even though it fake boosts my confidence, it’s not real!!

    Everything you see on social media is not real.  People will only filter and put their best moments.  Nobody bothers to put the picture of that babooned face because his car was stolen!

    4- Envy into actions– They say not all envy is bad,  may be it is true.  Envy can also motivate you to work harder. 

    Just ensure that your envy is aligned to your goals.  

    5- Name it – You recognize your jealously and somehow it looses it’s power over you.  If you are jealous of that friend who has that beautiful house,  rationalise to yourself, and accept that you someday wish to have the same,  just don’t forget to ask whether you need that!

    6- Learn from your jealously– If you are jealous watching an amazing guitarist, may be its time to give more time to a guitar class then watching news channels. 

    7- Count the coins in your piggy bank– we only tend to partially compare the better aspect of someone’s elses life to the sad aspect of ours. How unfair is that?? 

     Just take an inward route instead.  Are you at a better place than you were yesterday ? 

    If not,  get that lazy butt moving.  

    8- Self confidence– Insecurity is the biggest rival of confidence. This lack drags you to that edge of jealously in milli seconds. Build a strong castle of self confidence which is not easy to penetrate.  

    Crucial Tip to the naughties: Calling someone ugly doesn’t make you any prettier.