Why Men Who Cry are Not Weak

If you are a male who was sensitive/emotional during adolescence, the adage “Boys don’t cry” must have been a hard-and-fast doctrine to all your feelings and clearly you didn’t even get a chance to contemplate those feelings. If by worse fortune, you couldn’t control your tears even after the dictum is almost inscribed into your skin, then I feel for all the bullying you must have endured and being called a girl for being a sissy.

I come from a family where I am the eldest sister but still my 9 year younger brother was taught to be strong and brave and not to cry.  He is also suppose to take care of me and my sister in the house. I never really put much thought into it until I recently felt his suffocation for not being able to express his feelings going through a heart-wrenching pain. I wanted to help him but his strong inscription was coming in the middle of my efforts. That made me wonder how unfair and brutal it is to expect boys never to be weak and cry just on the basis of sex.

Every person has his/her weaknesses, vulnerabilities, dark interpreting phases where if they could have another who listens to them, undergoing becomes easier, then why teach something which goes against the peaceful path?

Only a brave and courageous will not be afraid to express his feelings and vulnerability. Its takes immense amount of courage to lay bare like that, one of the reasons why I appreciate so many leaders in the past like Barack Obama, George Washington,  Andre Agassi, John Stewart and other who have displayed this courage and set forth an example for the masses.

Personally I am not good at expressing my pain and it leaves me alone and miserable many a times. That is no rule or a restriction but a choice I made as per my comfort zone and living in a cosmopolitan world, everyone should have this choice to make.


Crying is also important because:

It reduces Stress.
It is an healthy outlet of anger, frustration rather then violence
Helps you be comfortable in your skin
Helps you heal
It makes it easy to express further more making it easy for the other person to understand.
You don’t have to be macho in all situations.
It will make males better at handling emotions.


Let’s cut some slack to the boys community.