13 Reasons To Becoming an Avid Reader

Any human living in any part of the world seeks to have a long, healthy and fulfilling life of 100 years or more (if they are healthy). They want to meet new people, do/experience the best things that are attainable. While I was in midst of reflecting the kind and the stretch of life to desire, I remember coming across a quote from my all time favorite plot of Game of thrones.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”- George R.R. Martin.

A Dance with Dragons.

Immediately I determined, I might not be able to guarantee the number of years I get to live or places I get to travel, but I sure can live thousand lives before through reading. We are all an outcome of the words our subconscious/conscious mind read/heard/wrote in the preceding years of our time. In an effort to stress more on the importance of reading, here are 13 reasons reading is incredibly beneficial to anyone:

 1- Imagination enhances- Do you wish to be a princess, a king, an atheist, a protagonist without anyone judgement, or to live in all 192 countries and experience their culture,  you can do it all in your imagination that builds unconsciously while you are reading a book. You are a free bird to play around characters and plot your own story which in many ways enables you more imagination in real life.

2-Creativity enhances- With the demand for innovative and creative thinkers, Reading helps you create solutions in hypothesis. May be some aspects of it cannot be applied in actuality but it sure helps you create wide variety of solutions.

3- Become your own mentor- In difficult perplex times, we all want someone to guide us but not all of us has the privilege to have a mentor at all times, reading can not only help you be your own mentor but it helps you gain confidence to guide others and provide them with an helping hand.

4- Grow step by step-By the end of each book, you have grown into a more mature and self contained person who understands himself/herself and the world a little better. Every time I assume there is not much to learn now through reading, I am scorched with so much more wisdom.

5- Fictional world- Fictional reading helps you put yourself in situations and circumstances which might not be possible in reality and this can make you more investigative in difficult situations.

6-Vocabulary/comprehension improves- In a world where English is one of the most widespread language and  obligatory to learn, reading helps you build your glossary. You learn to comprehend variety of writers and their tones like joy, serious, humorous, sad, threat, formal, informal, pessimism, and optimism.

7- Makes you open minded/Empathetic- When you learn about the different cultures, languages, religions, customs, mindset, upbringing, thought process, it ought to make you more open minded and not judge anyone. After all, we all are 21st century cosmopolitans right?

8- Makes you cognitive- Being Cognitive is not mandatory however having that quality at disposal sure helps solve situations with little ease. You mostly never feel doomed, you have trained your brain to work around the problem and find a solution which is pretty self responsible.It also reduces the chances of Alzheimer.

9-Opens new opportunities- There are enormous possibilities that become perceptible through reading books, newspaper, articles, research papers. The Top level issues that we face today, reading can equip you to understand the affair in depth and work your cognitive brain and open wide range of opportunities.

10- Learn new skills- Do you want to learn how to cook an out-of-reach cuisine? coding? A new language? Everything is possible via reading. Just ask and the information will flood in.

11- Inspiration from Leaders- We get inspired when we see someone thriving towards their goals, it helps us be guided ourselves. Now if you can go out and look for people in real, there is nothing better than that but the harsh truth is people who are thriving in lives are mostly really busy as well but they are kind enough to accumulate all their learning in a book form and that is definitely more available.

12- Learn from Virtual Past Experiences- Almost always, it is not possible to learn without experiencing the consequence of a mistake. While many are. You can learn from stories of people and become better at decisions. What is the point of introducing reading and writing if we don’t take complete advantage of that.

13-Awareness of your health- You can learn about different food, different fitness regime, variety of ingredients which can assist you and your family to have a disease-free life.

Read and live multiple lives!!